The Great Ridge

The Great Ridge

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Mam Tor


Hello. I haven’t been around much of late. I must, in the first instance, apologise to the people I follow, and to the people who have recently made comments and contacted me. I haven’t been doing much photography and therefore not much blogging.  I have undertaken another interest, it is called running. Having had some personal issues over the past couple of years I had to focus on sorting and getting back into some semblance of myself. I have been running like a woman possessed and doing stuff in a gym. I am feeling much better, fitter and a lot lighter in stature. I will hopefully be back doing some blogging from time to time and try and catch up with some of the bloggers that i follow.

After a few months out of the frame, as it were, I managed to spend a day with my photographer friend Darren Galpin. We are always in hope to photograph a sunrise weather inversion – mist in the valley below. We never got one on this particular day, however we do joke about it, that it would happen on day when we were not going to shoot or for when I have to go to work instead. A couple of days after this shoot, the perfect conditions arose whilst driving to work. Ce la vie!

We were greeted by some early birds, which was a surprise, more than 10 cars in the car park before sun – up!. Then it was ‘pitch wars’ on Mam Tor as there a few other photographers about, amongst some day, dog, even husky dog walkers and fell runners all before 9am. It is a honeypot, and I am glad to be showing it off.

The sunrise was not particularly spectacular, however I managed to get a few shots in the golden hour before heading off to Back Tor for some tree pictures. The two hawthorns companion is the moon.  It was exceptionally windy here and very cold in comparison the lone trees.

In all of the images created I used  .6ND and the .9ND graduated soft filters.Two of the images I used the little stopper with a grad .6ND; to create a soft movement in the clouds on the Golden Hour Mam Tor, and the wispy lower branches of the pine tree in Back Tor Pine. The beauty about using the little stopper is that the exposure time is not as long, and you do not always need to set the camera into bulb mode. This depends on what you want to create in the shot.

We set out to do Mam Tor to Back Tor along the Great Ridge, it was getting very bright and a lot of footfall by 9am. We had managed to get something for our early morning labours. Although we did not do the whole walk from Castleton, the full circular walk itself was voted number 10 in the ITV 100 Best Walks in Great Britain, the link for the map is here


Thank you for stopping by my blog today.

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  1. I’m a bit behind in my responses myself! Good to see you back and on top form with these pics.
    Running is good for body and soul. Good quality running shoes and understanding good running technique are key to getting maximum benefits. I’m sure you know that without me saying so. It sounds like you’ve got it covered and enjoying all that it brings. Have you got a good quality (large sensor) compact camera that you could take on runs? The two disciplines need not be mutually exclusive 🙂 I will look forward to seeing more of your images…
    Best wishes
    Mr C 🙂

    1. Hi Mr C. Yes I am a running geek. Now. For sure. I am one of these how feels that once start you cannot stop. I often think of photographing while I am out running. I could use my phone a huawei. P20 pro. Not got full frame compact. But it is an idea – any suggestion.s? Ps really like the lambretta sets😀

      1. Actually while out running your phone may be the best option.  I’m not familiar with the phone you have but having it with you rather than the bulk of a phone no matter how small is probably easier.  I guess it depends if you run with a tiny backpack or as light as possible.  Perhaps you could post occasional images from your runs which I’m sure would look very different from your more considered main camera shots?
        On the small camera front there are a number of really good cameras from the main manufacturers who all make high end compact cameras with 1″ sensors or larger. Choosing one would be a very personal thing and of course may depend on budget.  Canon make a few really nice 1″ sensor compact cameras (and I think your main camera is Canon?) and their menu systems etc may be familiar.  My small, travel light 1″ sensor compact camera is a Sony RX100 mk3.  It is very compact with a Zeiss lens, great image quality and functionality. It has a pop up viewfinder and a flip out screen.  I think the Sony RX100 are now on the mk6 but they have maintained each model in the market place so earlier models are cheaper.  If the Sony is of interest they often offer cashback (such as the promotion currently running).  I got mine at a discounted price plus a cash back offer which brought it in way below the normal retail price so it’s worth keeping an eye out for good deals if you are in no rush.  
        My friend has the Canon G5X which looks like a tiny DSLR! He really likes it.  I think the G5X is slightly bigger than the Sony RX100 series.  
        Lastly both Ricoh and Fujifilm do compact fixed lens APS-C sized sensor cameras (Same cropped sensor as in most DSLRs). Both have their merits and it would come down to personal preference.  A lot of people like the colour from Fujifilm film emulation modes.  
        I’m sure you didn’t expect quite such a long answer but I hope it’s given you a few pointers.  Lastly if you are in the market for a camera (or lens) do check out a website called They carry live information about camera equipment across dozens of retailers as well as information about current cashback deals 🙂  Have a  great week, Mr C

        1. Thanks Mr C. Some food for thought. The g5x might be an idea. However I run minimal. As much as I would like to pitstop on a run it is sacrilege. Jeffing is not for me. My phone has leica lens 40mp and can take some great images. The are functions on it I have not explored fully. However it is a point and shoot for me. My main camera is a 6d. It would be handy to have second compact camera. Hmmm. Thanks again Mr C. Will check out the website

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