Bradfield Bash

Bradfield Bash

Landscape Photography

High Bradfield

Hello everyone. I have been a tad busy running around the trails of my local patch. This means I seldom get out with my camera. I purposely took a day off work after a local race route sparked some interest in me to leave my trail shoes behind for the walking boots and the 6d.

The Bradfield Bash is a 5 mile  race provided by Rivelin Running Events. The route starts from Low Bradfield and works its way around the cricket pitch then up a path behind it leading out on to Smallfield Lane. Then a bit further along the road there is footpath by the bridge (that traverses the Rocher End Brook), then through some woods and a zig-zag route to beneath and  up and over the top of the crags. It eventually takes you down to the reservoir and then back to the cricket ground.

Today (29th July) I was walking,  my route was a little different and it took me near to the cemetery of High Bradfield Church and on to an old motte and bailey castle known as Bailey Hill. I took some pictures on my phone. I will cover this another time.

I headed towards my running route, and it was fair weather for a while and then the light was not always optimal so the filters and goodness knows what came out. I forgot momentarily how to do things with the camera.

The route takes you beneath the crag, a bracken edged path in and out of woodland, edged by grazing fields for lots of sheep. I could here people when I was taking the picture below; this area is also popular with climbers. When I walked along the top, there were iron stakes in position in various places for top ropes.

High Bradfield

The path comes to a wonderful viewing point, a stony seat that looks out over Agden. The light was not favourable at the time to get a decent shot, the sun was in my face. The seat was the star of the show.

High Bradfield

Along the top of Rocher Head, like any cliff edge it is a windy affair. Finding a suitable spot to get the camera out was not easy. There is a bit of an optical illusion looking at at Agden, it looks like it sloping back. I assure you the horizon is straight. Also from this view along the crags, you can see the Dale Dyke and the Strines reservoirs, Win Hill which resides over at Ladybower. This particular view towards the left on the horizon is back towards Sheffield.

High Bradfield

Finally the path descends into another grazing field, of which having walked part way up it to get beneath the crags, I spotted a hawthorn amongst the bracken.

High Bradfield

Thank you for stopping by my blog today.

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Stay safe.

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