Bees in the Garden

Bees in the Garden

Macro Photography


Just some pictures featuring a couple of Bees buzzing around in my garden one afternoon in the summer. Photographed during the lockdown period in between running, working on the front garden and the day job. They are amazing to watch, bumbling all over the Hebe and alliums, including my Euphorbium.


There are a whole host of bees and the ones I see the most appearing in my garden are the honey bees, the bumble bee, digger bumble bees, hairy legged mini bees, red tailed bumble bees, leaf-cutter bees.

My gardens both front and back have shrubs and flowers to attract the bees such as Hebes, heleniums, rudbeckia, alliums, salvia, and echinacea.

I love just pottering about when needing some down time, watching the bees going about there business.

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