Broomhead Reservoir and Dam

Broomhead Reservoir and Dam

Landscape Photography


Broomhead Reservoir Prints


Dusk was approaching at Broomhead Reservoir and I was keen to capture the clouds and their detail above the reservoir wall along with the reflections. I love the double arched bridge over the cobbled stone work on the spillway. This was photographed just with a 6 stop soft graduated filter at f16 ISO50 with a 4 second exposure time. I wanted to be creative with the colours, and with it being almost dusk I had visualised this outcome. I could also sense the rain coming.

It is popular with people walking around this reservoir. I am not so bothered by people being nearby these days (as long as they don’t photo bomb!!). I have learned, whilst out running, to say hello and thank people as I pass them, and them allowing me to pass.

Running has being a life changing hobby for me, after nearly two years I can now feel I can come back to my photography and find the time to do it. A conflict was inside me to find the right time to pop out with the camera, but like everything new [running ] you tend to put your all into it, to be good as you can be.

Here is an image of Broomhead just before the sun set. You can just make out the height level poking out of the water. The trees fading out of autumnal bloom into the winter browns. The vantage point was the pump house. The photograph from the previous post Fading Light at Broomhead Reservoir was soon after this, and light had began to fade, and the rain was on its way.

Broomhead Reservoir prints


Thank you for visiting my blog today. It was a binge blog session, and hope you have enjoyed the posts.

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