Fading Light at Broomhead Reservoir

Fading Light at Broomhead Reservoir

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Little Stopper Long Exposure


Landscape Prints Broomhead Reservoir

A last minute dash across the north of Sheffield to the Stocksbridge end of Town, Sheffield part of the Dark Peak, not far from High Bradfield and less than 20 minutes from home by car. I was not certain I would capture the sunset, I was pleased as I arrived just in time.

Broomhead Reservoir sits above More Hall Reservoir. The construction of Broomhead began in 1913 and it was completed in 1929. It is designated as a ‘supply’ reservoir and More Hall as a ‘compensation’ store, aimed at topping up the nearby Ewden Beck and River Don during dry periods. It has a capacity of 4,937,282m3.

I have been eager to play with the Lee Little Stopper; a six stop neutral density filter, to capture the movement in the sky with some definition and the mill pond like stasis of the reservoir.

This was a 3 minute exposure at f16 ISO50. If I were to use the Big stopper (the ten stop density filter) it would have been more like an hour. I like the ISO50, it is great for low noise when doing long exposures, you do have tweak the exposure times a little. I used a 6 stop soft graduated filter with this shot.

I have done some colour and detail enhancement in LR4 and NIK colour EPro 4, and very pleased with the outcome.

I have not been here before and I must say I am keen to get back out there. It is larger than Damflask and Agden reservoirs,  and has some dramatic views on route. I saw my first snow of the season coming up and over High Bradfield. I felt a little excited for the winter.



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