Landscape Photography

Upper Redmires Reservoir
Redmires Pipework
Lower Redmires Sunset
Middle Redmires Reservoir Sunset
Lower Redmires Full Moon Rise

It was a glorious afternoon last Saturday (27th Feb), surprisingly warm. I went out around 2pm and discovered a lot people were out and about too. Outdoor swimmers, walkers, runners and noisy teenage kids.

I decided to start my shoot after a stride from Lower to Upper Redmires at the nature reserve end of the plantation. I  liked how the shrubs lined up with the horizon. It was very bright, and graduated filter was necessary. The sky with no clouds always seems flat.

I made my way round to the middle reservoir, which is still quite empty, assuming they [Yorkshire Water] are still working on the repairs. It was kind of Martian, with a bit of water. The cast iron pipework had a leading line to the gantry. The sun was definitely on its way down, still very few clouds in the sky.

I made my way down the lower reservoir to capture the sunset, and I do like the gantry here and I find it is quite photogenic. I have photographed it before from the other side, but this time my aim was to get the sunset over at the Hallam Moors.

I sped walked my way back to the middle to capture the colours and a little bit of cloud after the sun had set, and then turned around to see the awesome moonrise. This was the full moon after the snow moon on the Friday. I then had to wend my way back down the slope to lower reservoir and try and capture the moon, it was a 30second exposure at 40mm, a fraction too long. However I got the effect I wanted.

A good day out!

Thank you for stopping by today


Redmires, a three level reservoir feed by the Hallam Moors near Rivelin and Stanage Edge.

This was built after the Cholera outbreak in 1832, between the years 1833 & 1854 to provide drinking water for Sheffield.

It was used a training ground for trench warfare during WWI. The area to the North West side of the Upper Redmires Reservoir at Quarry Hill and Hill 60 on the Hallam Moors*.



*referenced:Training Trenches at Redmires, Sheffield
The Great War Remembered; Helen Ullathorne 


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