Damflask Jetty at Sunset

Damflask Jetty at Sunset

Sheffield Landscapes

Damflask Reservoir Sunset

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I nearly spent some money unnecessarily on a new lens, as sometimes you get a bit stuck in a rut and cannot fathom what you are doing wrong. The wide angle soft edges, converging verticals, do I need a wide angled prime, or another wide angle zoom? I decided to have another look at improving my tripod techniques, after a fellow photographer suggested avoid tilting the camera, keep it level. So as you do you, I googled and processed a few things that was suggested and bought myself an L bracket go with my Vangaurd Veo 235AB with BH-50 ball head. Who’d have thought about Arca-Swiss fittings etc? Well it was a revelation and I am very happy indeed; including postage it was Ā£25. This will be a permanent fixture to the camera, and therefore I will no longer be using the base plate provided with the tripod, it always moved about. The L bracket has given the camera more stability. No need to bust the bank at all.

I managed to level the tripod, even as low as about 18 inches off the ground. I might even try without the centre column as I rarely use it. However I may need a ground sheet to get down low at around 10″.

Apart from a minute amount of post processing for the lens profile and chromatic aberration, a tiny amount was applied for the verticals on the jetty support posts. Another positive from the L bracket, no need to flop to one side any more when doing landscapes in portrait, even more stable as it is centre weighted on the tripod. Never to late to learn anything new.

It was bitterly cold on this early April spring evening. The jet stream had just dropped over the UK bring some artic air. Good, clear and clean air is a bonus.

I used a medium grad 0.9ND graduated filter with a Little Stopper (6stop ND), for 10seconds, f11, ISO50 at 17mm just plenty enough to smooth the water out, get my jetty in the frame and capture the faint crepuscular effect of the setting sun.

Thank you for stopping by my blog today.

2 thoughts on “Damflask Jetty at Sunset

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  1. Nice shot šŸ™‚
    It’s good when you buy something so simple and cheap and the reward is much greater than anticipated. Good stability is important for a lot of the photography you do. It’s important in all photography of course but with your long exposure shots moreso. I’m sure the L bracket will be better for portrait orientation.
    Enjoy your new gadget…

    1. Thanks Mr C. It is certainly a fame changer. Juggling running and photography, the photography takes a back seat sometimes, and it is good to review and revise some skills. And taking a cheaper option. šŸ˜

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