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Welcome to ArtyAnge’s Art Work and Photography Site

I have always had an interest in art work and  photography, however I only took a real interest after finally deciding to take up a photography course. It was an Introduction to Photography at Sheffield Hillsborough College back in 2010/2011. I wanted to experience the dark room, understand more about how cameras worked, how to  develop photographs, and have an opportunity to combine my art work and photography together.

The Church ©Angie Morton 2010

I bit the bullet and bought an Olympus OM10 from Harrison’s Cameras to replace the Practicka , and I finally managed to get some decent camera shots halfway through the course. It was seeing the magic of the film being developed and then producing the images from the negatives that gave me great respect for the old SLR camera. We touched on digital photography and editing in Photoshop towards the end of the course. Photoshop is pricey, but there are other photo-editing  suite’s which are less complex and expensive than Photoshop, and are free to download such as Photoscape for Windows or GIMP (open source) for Linux platforms. These programs can help frame your camera shots to give the best presentation.

Overall the course helped me understand how a manual SLR camera worked and this enabled me to fine tune the use own digital camera. It was like playing snooker on a full size table, hitting shots wide and jaw wobbling, and then playing pool; knocking all the balls in without single foul stroke.

Most of my photographic art work up until January this year 2011; all camera shots were produced with the Fuji finepix S1000. I have since invested in a Canon EOS 550D; all my artwork from 2012 will be from this wonderful new camera. Photography is my passion.

Art Work

I was inspired to paint, and I felt the need to fill in some wall space after been given a set of acrylic paints for Christmas in 2009, using my photographs of flowers and scenery as my subject. I was using a Fuji Finepix S1000, and have since upgraded to Canon 550d DSLR and have been creating some digital imagery ever since. I have since painted several acrylics on canvass for friends and family.

Orange Gerber Purple - Angie MortonI was inspired by a friend who has kindly allowed us to display her acrylic paintings in our house. This has re-kindled my old passion for art. I decided to paint a picture of rose – free hand from a photograph, then a mocked up a portrait of somebody and nobody. I went on ebay and bought myself an overhead projector and painted Cowper Stone (The Rock), several abstracted flowers and the landscape Stanage Edge. These were all from photographs I have taken, and all the art work you see is my own, thus making it all very unique.

I have come to learn some important lessons when painting a picture. For one, you do need the patience of a saint and it is time-consuming. However it is always interesting to see how the painting builds up and starts coming together. If you should ever want to start painting a picture of something and have not done this before, the best advice I can give, is that you should never bite of more than you can chew. For instance, if you choose a subject that is complicated; technical, busy and needs a lot of work, you could run the risk of loosing interest before the picture is completed. Mainly for being overwhelmed by the amount of work required. When painting a picture, keep it simple. Art and design is really most effective by its simplicity.


Experimenting away good and bad, and also enjoying the learning curve the technical and the artistry. What ever that may be.

I like to share some of the skills I have learned for myself, or have researched an practiced. The advent of Photoshop and Lightroom , and using these tools – the digital darkroom are a must. You will notice I favour landscape and macro photography.  This hones me into pay attention to detail, thus increasing my patience levels . I am not noted for patience, however photography has helped me in that department.

The black and white photograph of  ‘The Church’ in scaffold above was taken with the OM10, and developed in the darkroom. The scanner has not transferred was the original very well, However, it was a starting point. One of my attempts in the darkroom whilst studying at Hillsborough College. The church was pulled down in 2013.

The acrylic painting of the ‘Orange Gerbera Purple’ was from photograph I took of an orange Gerbera. The photograph printed onto clear acetate, and traced onto canvas.

Photography was latent passion, I am notoriously behind when finding out what I really want to do in life. I get there in the end

I am enjoying this process and enjoy sharing what I do. I hope you do too. Thank you for taking the time to read my blog

artyange photography

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  1. Thanks for your support via likes over the years and recently. Hope your photography and painting is going well. I recognise many of the spots, even particular trees (on Lawrence field?) in your shots. I think the slomo stream shots and the reflected still life shots are great.

    1. Thank you martin. Your too kind. I do not paint at all these days. Photography is my medium. I noted your flight of icarus. The light, textures and colour worked wonderfully.

  2. Thank you for visiting my blog and enjoying the read. I took time to have a good lock at your images here and on your web site. Lovely work indeed. I hope you enjoy your photography as much as I enjoy mine. Kindest regards Walter

  3. Thanks for liking a few of my posts on ja2da.com – your pictures are stunning. I would love to be able to take photos like these but I just don’t have that ‘artist’s eye’ that you use so effectively. – David

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