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Some useful web sites, blogs and camera outlets

@ ArtyAnge Photography – this is my website designed for selling my work

I have given it a lot of thought on how will I sell my images, and I decided after seeing  a fellow blogger have her own portfolio on Photo4me to give it a whirl.

You can see my work for sale on my website before you decided to follow the links to Photo4me

@ Reuben’s Wood Crafts – Furniture Restorer and Bespoke crafts

Reuben has a wonderful ability to create simple and beautiful things, and appreciates the beauty of natural wood.

He has embarked on his long term dream and is building guitars

@ Harrisons Cameras – a Sheffield independent camera shop

With friendly shop assistants, and the occasional bargain, a great place to buy equipment or browse for ideas.

They do in-house printing for your photographs.

They stock Canon, Nikon and Leica among their brands, and stock pre-loved accessories for older SLR cameras, plus they host canon workshop days

@ Charles Eagles & Sons – a North East camera shop, with shops in Sunderland

Has a good stock of Canon and Nikon, a small shop however they are friendly and helpful

@ Curo Gallery – a Sheffield based gallery and framing service.

Excellent execution in mounting photographs and art works. A lovely little shop and very helpful staff.


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