Crows Nest Sunset

Crows Nest Sunset

Landscape Photography

Filey Sunset
Crow’s Nest Sunset

We had an amazing view looking out towards Scarborough. This was taken on the first night of our camping holiday. I had stopped it down to F16 to get the starlight effect. Seems odd to say that the sun is a star!! This is available at Photo4Me and Redbubble


Filey Sunset
Moving Sunset at the Crow’s Nest

I decided with some sort of wisdom to take a 16 minute exposure of the sunset. There were some lenticular clouds floating out over the North Sea. I thought the movement would create interesting colours and lines. It was quite windy, and the grass movement has added a surreal feel to the image which I like. It was an experiment of sorts. Available at Redbubble



Cow Green Reservoir in Reflection

Cow Green Reservoir in Reflection

Landscape Photography

Cow Green Reservoir



Cow Green Reservoir located in Moor House – Upper Teesdale Nature Reserve. It seems strangely barren, however we were greeted by curlews, oyster catchers and yellow wagtails on route and during our walk. I went with my Dad, who isn’t getting out and about as much these days. It was good to spend some with him. This was our first port of call before venturing down the Pennine Way  – the path located along side Cauldron Snout.

This is an area of outstanding natural beauty (AONB), and this reservoir sits between the border of Cumbria and County Durham in the North East of England.

I wanted to create a sense of drama, having had some early morning cloud, with the sun trying to break through, the sun behind me creating some reflections of the water. You can see a snow clipped mountains in the distance. Plus on the first snow clipped mountain there is an observatory or radar dome – not quite sure what it is. It may be quite hard to spot it on this image. However you could see it with your eyes unaided in situ

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Durham Lumiere ‘I’

Durham Lumiere



Gina Czarnecki's 'I'

Gina Czarnecki’s projections of irises and images ophthalmologically related to the iris. This projection series was exhibited on the Bill Bryson Library at Durham University. Along with Keyframes and Sanctuary this was one of my favourites. Alas I did not get all the way round this year.


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Sunrise on the River Wear

Sunrise on the River Wear


golden hour on the wear

The lesser spotted Dad known as a ”Jacky – red cap” fishing on the River Wear in Durham City. Just down from what was Milburngate Centre (now known as the Gates), on the same side of the river where they have recently demolished the ice rink. Many a scabby ankle from the blue ‘death wellies’ ice boots were gained in that rink.

The river bank is teaming with rampant invasive weed Himalayan Balsam.

This was a most wonderful occasion as it is rare that I have times like these with my dad; and here we were soon after sunrise, me taking pictures and he fishing for trout with a worm of all things. This photograph was taken in September, where I took time to spend with my folks.

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