Eryngium Sea Holly

Still Life Photography

Eryngium Back Lit

With my Canon Speedlite 430Ex II and St-E2 transmitter, back lighting the flower heads, with diffused continuous light on the front of the flowers.

This was not as easy as they say it is. Getting the settings right from the start, was always going to be an issue, and finding the right light position wasn’t as bad as I thought. The flash was set at +1 over exposed; the exposure was in manual at 2.0seconds and 3.2seconds for the diffused front facing light. The 430Ex II was a slave to the transmitter. I held the flash gun behind the flowers, diagonally opposite to the diffused studio light with umbrella.  I even tried the flash gun behind a second studio light behind the umbrella (the continuous bulb light switched off). I  stopped at f/16 using 100mm macro lens at ISO100. With  small amount of editing and sharpening in Lightroom, these images have come out as I wanted them to. I used a black backdrop blue tacked on the wall (which fell down several time) from the studio cubes I bought some time ago. This saved me setting up the full studio in the dining room. There would have been even more trip hazard alerts and near-misses than I have in my day job.

Now I am no flash expert, however increasing the power (as I would expect) drained the AA batteries quite readily in the Speedlite. The transmitter has somehow has a longer life Lithium battery. Now it would make sense to have longer life AA batteries for the flash, you would think? I may have to look at getting some rechargeable ones instead. Practicing something you’re not familiar with takes up a lot of time, wasting frames and a lot of batteries…..




And Finally Another Purple Flower

And Finally Another Purple Flower

Macro Photography


purple flower

And finally my last purple flower of this little series. It looks like anemone to me, I am probably wrong in my assumption. I like the contrast of the two shades of purple from the dark stamens and anthers against the lilac petals

Thanks for calling in to my wee blog 🙂

Purple Flowers Again

Purple Flowers Again

Macro Photography

little purple flowers


I used to have some of these in my garden before we moved. They were the first flowers I experimented with using macro extension tubes. Three threaded rings of different sizes that attached directly to the barrel and could form one longer tube. This probably messed up my sensor; they attach at the lens mount with nothing to protect it from dust etc. Such naivety. The tubes; the more you add, the bigger the image.  That post was deleted some time ago when I had clear out after making a mistake on uploading to the web, people could download your full size images and potentially infringe copyright. I upload all my at around 600 x 300 pixels with a watermark. These were photographed with EF Canon 100mm F2.8 L Macro lens


Purple Flowers

Purple Flowers

Macro Photography

I haven’t a clue what they are called however I photographed it in my parents garden during the Easter weekend.

I was demonstrating composition and shallow depth of field to my nephew who is professing an interest in photography as a GSCE subject.

Flowers of Netheredge

My phone photos

A selection of flowers from some beautiful residential gardens in the suburb of Netheredge in Sheffield.


artyange photography





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