Crows Nest Sunset

Crows Nest Sunset

Landscape Photography

Filey Sunset
Crow’s Nest Sunset

We had an amazing view looking out towards Scarborough. This was taken on the first night of our camping holiday. I had stopped it down to F16 to get the starlight effect. Seems odd to say that the sun is a star!! This is available at Photo4Me and Redbubble


Filey Sunset
Moving Sunset at the Crow’s Nest

I decided with some sort of wisdom to take a 16 minute exposure of the sunset. There were some lenticular clouds floating out over the North Sea. I thought the movement would create interesting colours and lines. It was quite windy, and the grass movement has added a surreal feel to the image which I like. It was an experiment of sorts. Available at Redbubble



Cayton Bay Collection II

Cayton Bay Collection II

Landscape Photography

Cayton Bay
Cayton Bay Johnny Flintons Harbour

Second Installment from Cayton Bay. This image is looking into Johnny Flinton’s Harbour which leads you to Osgoody Point, the peninsular jutting out. Good evidence of coastal erosion, the angular shaped cliffs. Available at Photo4Me and Redbubble


Osgoody Point
Cayton Bay Osgoody Point

A closer view of the peninsular at Osgoody Point. Available at Redbubble


Red Cliff Hole
Cayton Bay Red Cliff Hole

At the opposite end of Cayton Bay, where we traversed the rocks around Red Cliff on our first day. A view from Red Cliff Hole. Available at Photo4Me and Redbubble

While we were wandering along the beach we revisited the pillar boxes that were lying upside down. I was amazed to see the unmistakable¬† work of Sheffield Graffiti Artist Phlegm. He features regularly in a fellow blogger’s posts by Postcard Cafe. There was other graffiti, ‘I love so and so’ and non descriptive letters, however I was pleased to say this has been left alone, preserving the work of a true artist.




Cayton Bay Collection II Gallery

Cayton Bay Collection I

Cayton Bay Collection I

Landscape Photography

Cayton Bay Filey
Cayton Bay View

We went to Filey camping at the Crow’s Nest, nestling in along the Cleveland Way. On our fist day we decided to go for a walk and try to head down the beach. With a steep cliff face and meeting a fisherman and his lad on the way down, I managed to slip and was not saved by my tripod, my walking pole or my partner. We got to the beach and walked around the headland at Red Cliff to gain access to Cayton Bay. There are lots of geological features along the cliffs. We even saw sulphur on the sandstone edges. Somehow we had to move quickly and get to the beach before the tide begins to roll in and there was no time to stop and take pictures here. It became a bouldering exercise getting on to Cayton Sands. Cayton Bay View is available at my Photo4me here


Cayton Bay Sands

The image above is of Cayton Bay Sands,. It is just as much about the sky as it is the sand. The passing lenticular cloud just off centre and the diagonal symmetry of the clouds off into the horizon for me makes an interesting composition. Cayton Bay Sands is available at Photo4Me.   I have included in the gallery a 29 second exposure of the same view just to see how it would look.


Cayton Bay From Killerby Cliff

This vantage point gives a panorama over the bay looking out towards Osgoody Point and Scarborough South Bay and its ruined castle on the headland. The photograph was taken on the sea defence overhanging the eroding Killerby Cliff. Down below you can see a couple of World War II Pill boxes that have aready met there fate of the eroding coastline. One has been graffitied by Sheffield Artist Phlegm (see Cayton Bay Collection II). Cayton Bay from Killbery Cliff is available at Photo4Me.


Cayton Bay Collection I Gallery


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