Sea Lavender

Still Life

Rock Sea Lavender

Part of the same bouquet of flowers with the erygnium; this is sea lavender or rock lavender, and it is a member of the heather family.

The bouquet was expensive, with some boutique pink and white roses. I believe the expensive bouquet had more to do with its packaging – plastic….’who will take our plastic mountain?’ China won’t anymore.

I actually bought the bouquet because  I wanted it for the eryngium as I knew exactly what I wanted to do with it. When I got home I knew I could something with this lovely lavender, to capture the highlights on the tiny flower heads.

The first image above, I back-lit behind with the flash gun sitting on small table under the dining table. I covered the flash with another backdrop which was translucent and one diffused continuous light facing the flowers at a slight angle, exposure at 4 seconds at F/16 and ISO100.

The one below  is a much softer image than the second image;  firing the flash behind diagonally opposite the diffused continuous light, and one diffused continuous slight, exposure at 3.2 seconds at F/16 and ISO100.


And Finally Another Purple Flower

And Finally Another Purple Flower

Macro Photography


purple flower

And finally my last purple flower of this little series. It looks like anemone to me, I am probably wrong in my assumption. I like the contrast of the two shades of purple from the dark stamens and anthers against the lilac petals

Thanks for calling in to my wee blog 🙂

Purple Flowers Again

Purple Flowers Again

Macro Photography

little purple flowers


I used to have some of these in my garden before we moved. They were the first flowers I experimented with using macro extension tubes. Three threaded rings of different sizes that attached directly to the barrel and could form one longer tube. This probably messed up my sensor; they attach at the lens mount with nothing to protect it from dust etc. Such naivety. The tubes; the more you add, the bigger the image.  That post was deleted some time ago when I had clear out after making a mistake on uploading to the web, people could download your full size images and potentially infringe copyright. I upload all my at around 600 x 300 pixels with a watermark. These were photographed with EF Canon 100mm F2.8 L Macro lens


Purple Flowers

Purple Flowers

Macro Photography

I haven’t a clue what they are called however I photographed it in my parents garden during the Easter weekend.

I was demonstrating composition and shallow depth of field to my nephew who is professing an interest in photography as a GSCE subject.

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