Damflask Jetty at Sunset

Sheffield Landscapes

Damflask Reservoir Sunset

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I nearly spent some money unnecessarily on a new lens, as sometimes you get a bit stuck in a rut and cannot fathom what you are doing wrong. The wide angle soft edges, converging verticals, do I need a wide angled prime, or another wide angle zoom? I decided to have another look at improving my tripod techniques, after a fellow photographer suggested avoid tilting the camera, keep it level. So as you do you, I googled and processed a few things that was suggested and bought myself an L bracket go with my Vangaurd Veo 235AB with BH-50 ball head. Who’d have thought about Arca-Swiss fittings etc? Well it was a revelation and I am very happy indeed; including postage it was £25. This will be a permanent fixture to the camera, and therefore I will no longer be using the base plate provided with the tripod, it always moved about. The L bracket has given the camera more stability. No need to bust the bank at all.

I managed to level the tripod, even as low as about 18 inches off the ground. I might even try without the centre column as I rarely use it. However I may need a ground sheet to get down low at around 10″.

Apart from a minute amount of post processing for the lens profile and chromatic aberration, a tiny amount was applied for the verticals on the jetty support posts. Another positive from the L bracket, no need to flop to one side any more when doing landscapes in portrait, even more stable as it is centre weighted on the tripod. Never to late to learn anything new.

It was bitterly cold on this early April spring evening. The jet stream had just dropped over the UK bring some artic air. Good, clear and clean air is a bonus.

I used a medium grad 0.9ND graduated filter with a Little Stopper (6stop ND), for 10seconds, f11, ISO50 at 17mm just plenty enough to smooth the water out, get my jetty in the frame and capture the faint crepuscular effect of the setting sun.

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Landscape Photography

Upper Redmires Reservoir

Redmires Pipework

Lower Redmires Sunset

Middle Redmires Reservoir Sunset

Lower Redmires Full Moon Rise

It was a glorious afternoon last Saturday (27th Feb), surprisingly warm. I went out around 2pm and discovered a lot people were out and about too. Outdoor swimmers, walkers, runners and noisy teenage kids.

I decided to start my shoot after a stride from Lower to Upper Redmires at the nature reserve end of the plantation. I  liked how the shrubs lined up with the horizon. It was very bright, and graduated filter was necessary. The sky with no clouds always seems flat.

I made my way round to the middle reservoir, which is still quite empty, assuming they [Yorkshire Water] are still working on the repairs. It was kind of Martian, with a bit of water. The cast iron pipework had a leading line to the gantry. The sun was definitely on its way down, still very few clouds in the sky.

I made my way down the lower reservoir to capture the sunset, and I do like the gantry here and I find it is quite photogenic. I have photographed it before from the other side, but this time my aim was to get the sunset over at the Hallam Moors.

I sped walked my way back to the middle to capture the colours and a little bit of cloud after the sun had set, and then turned around to see the awesome moonrise. This was the full moon after the snow moon on the Friday. I then had to wend my way back down the slope to lower reservoir and try and capture the moon, it was a 30second exposure at 40mm, a fraction too long. However I got the effect I wanted.

A good day out!

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Redmires, a three level reservoir feed by the Hallam Moors near Rivelin and Stanage Edge.

This was built after the Cholera outbreak in 1832, between the years 1833 & 1854 to provide drinking water for Sheffield.

It was used a training ground for trench warfare during WWI. The area to the North West side of the Upper Redmires Reservoir at Quarry Hill and Hill 60 on the Hallam Moors*.



*referenced:Training Trenches at Redmires, Sheffield
The Great War Remembered; Helen Ullathorne 


Two Metre

Landscape Photography

Sheffield Landscapes

I put myself in the frame

Time to measure up

When standing tall

Two metre

I am not as tall

The middle of the mire

I put myself in the frame

Reaching rock bottom

The bottom of the mire

I have no game

Two metre

To rise again

To stand tall

I put myself in the frame

We stand together

Just as tall

Out of the mire

Two metre

A short distance

To save us all

We are all in the frame


Picture taken 27th Feb 2021. Poem by me.

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Damflask Winter Sunrise

Sheffield Landscapes


Sheffield Landscapes

What cold February morning it was at -5°C. This may have seemed positively tropical to those in Scotland who reached -24°C, and my friends who live in Kazakhstan reaching -30°C or less.

The snow still clinging on to the Dam wall in the outer reaches of Sheffield near Bradfield. Here are a couple of more pictures from that morning in the colours reflecting the temperature.


Sheffield Landscapes

I had to stretch high with the tripod centre column to get this image of the Loxley Valley. The curves and contours outlined in the snow of the landscape below. The sun has breached the horizon, giving way to a grey start to the day.

You can see the catchment tank just off centre to the right in the image. This sits at the bottom of Stacey Lane, a rubble road that is my running nemesis hill.


Sheffield Landscapes

A lot of toing and froing around this apart of the reservoir to get this shot. A part of me wished I was stood here for the sunrise. I love this one because of the curves leading you right in to the image. I wanted to get the overflow and the bridge, and the Dam wall in shot and was especially pleased to capture the reflecting clouds on the water.


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Damflask Reservoir by The Boat Shed

Sheffield Landscapes

Sheffield Landscape Prnts


A short while before the sun rose. Look at the crystal clear frozen droplets on the twigs at the surface of the water. It was minus 5°C.

Agden Swimming Trees

Sheffield Landscapes

Sheffield Landscape prints


Another evening at Agden, the light was fading, a long exposure with the little stopper (ND 6) and the trees taking a dip.



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