Three Logs

Landscape Photography

Three Logs


Autumn woodland scene, Wyming Brook Nature Reserve. The woodland path that takes you to the Rivelin Reservoir, instead of the meandering brook – side walk.

Three logs lain out that have succumbed to the woodland’s growth and decay. The blazing fiery bush in autumns glory colours.


The Boat Jetty Damflask

Landscape Photography

The Boat Jetty Damflask


It has been a while since I have popped the couple of miles down the road to Damflask Reservoir. I always find it unusual that when I go to get some sunset and clouds , the clouds disappear as sunset approaches. I have tried to research this but to no avail. My other finding of the day is how low the water level has remained, and that it has not fully recovered from the hot summer.

The boat jetty is much lower down the slopes of the reservoir at the Viking Sailing Club, normally it would be a 2 or 3 metres from the club house. I estimated the stretch from the boat house to the jetty to be about 10 metres, it may have been more. You cannot see the end of the tow path, which is about 3 metres or so to my right.

I tend to come here after a spell a way from my photography, I try to gather my thoughts practice techniques and improve composition. The wonky boat jetty has a bit of character, standing out on its own minding the water’s edge. It has come to be my muse. This time it has a couple of tyres for company. The tyre in the foreground has a nice little highlight, accentuating the curve and glass – like pooling of the water inside it, adding foreground interest. Framed by the exposed sandy mud and foot prints along the water line of the precarious slopes, leading you down the valley towards lower Bradfield in the distance and back along the horizon of the green tree-lined slopes

This shot was a 2m 30s exposure using a Big Stopper with a soft graduated filter ND 6

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Damflask at Autumns End

Landscape Photography


Damflask Reservoir

A last-minute popping out, or hour should I say, to my local reservoir. It is still quite low from the summer extremes. The jetty is much further down the edge of the reservoir at the sailing club, by at least by ten metres. The trees on the opposite side to are starting to look sparse, the leaves are dropping off at a pace. However the trees have caught the light of the setting sun, and you can still feel the vibrancy of their colours. You can sense autumn is coming to and end, in preparation for the coming winter.

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Wyming Brook in Autumn

Landscape Photography

Wyming Brook


Not too long exposures, the polariser did the trick along with graduated filters.

Wonderful colours in the Wyming Brook Nature Reserve. just outside of Sheffield on the door step to the Peak district.



Ramshaw Rocks Blackshaw Moor

Landscape Photography

Ramshaw Rocks



I have become accustomed to travelling over the A53 to get to H Lehmann in Stoke, an approved Canon repair centre. My 6d sensor was dirty after I had purchased it earlier this year. A botched attempt to clean the sensor a few weeks ago led me back to them. I would like to thank them for their great customer service. To my amazement, there was a speck smack in the middle of the sensor under the filter, which has never ever moved and been a significant fault from the start. I wished I had gone sooner. I had to have my sensor replaced. This speck must have been there at the time of manufacturer. This has left me to be somewhat disappointed with Canon. I have had to rectify several photos due to the dust spots using this camera, which could potentially cost me sales. Luckily my botched sensor clean did not lead to any damage that I may have caused. Several hundreds of pounds had been saved and embarrassment shelved as I knew my camera was still under warranty. I have never had such a clean sensor since, even the 550d has never been this clean.

Re-united with my camera, I popped up to the Ramshaw Rocks near Upper Hulme a little way beyond Leek in Staffordshire’s Peak District.  This cuddly fellow below was looking out over Blackshaw Moor.

The Bear Ramshaw Rocks

I knew the light was poor, and it was windy, I just wanted to try out my new tripod Vanguard VEO with a BH 50 ball head fitting, and give the camera a go. After All it takes a good hour and half to travel to Stoke from Sheffield, a ten minute prerequisite visit for the future could not be missed.

The tripod is very lightweight, and is versatile. I am used to using panning – handles, so this is taking a little getting used to, however it is better for packing on to my rucksack.


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Baslow Edge

Landscape Photography

Baslow Edge Peak district

Just along from Curbar Gap car park after crossing the road to the left, Baslow Edge overlooks the Peak district National Park and Chatsworth Park, approaching sunset. Photograph taken June 22nd. It was breezy and the early sprung heather is captured in motion.

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